Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Harajuku Fashion Walk Germany - Düsseldorf #4

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

the best way to enjoy a golden autumn is by wearing japanese / harajuku-styled fashion, don't you think? Last saturday the 4th Harajuku Fashion Walk Düsseldorf took place and Im lucky that I could join the walk finally again (Harajuku Fashion Walk #2). This time Kuraude and Don accompanied me. Sadly PrincessTenko didn't made it in time - a lot of "thanks" again to our reliable Deutsche Bahn (german railway). >__>"

The walk started at 2.30pm and we made our way from the main train station, through the inner town to our final destination the "Rheinufer" (rhine shore).

"buffled" me XD

I really like those kind of Meet Ups. Eventhough Lolita Fashion is my favourite fashion style from Japan, I also love to wear other Japanese Street / Harajuku Fashion. A thing which is even more important for me is to see the variety of Japanese Fashion Styles and the implementation of it. It's kinda inspiring. For this Fashion Walk I decided to wear a more harajuku schoolgirlie outfit:

Sailor Moon hoodie x pink school uniform skirt x hello kitty tights, glsses and backpack

we are all so much very totally amazin wow beautiful kawaii here ~ <3 ~ X'D

Shortly after we arrived the endpoint I sayed "bye bye" to the Orga, the DecoRangers, and we made our way back towards Japan-Meile to meet-up with PrincessTenko who should by now arrived in Duesseldorf finally.

Kuraude and me
On the way back to Japan-Meile, Don noticed that he got lost car park coin. On half way, he went back to the Rheinufer because he saw the coin there for the last time but he couldn't find the coin anymore sadly. Luckily, it wasn't that worse (and expensive) for us in the end. Well, after we four finally got together we strolled around and had a seat at sphere bay and ate some sushi at Kiku Sushi again.

Towards evening we went back to our hometown with PrincessTenko and enjoyed f. e. the view over whole Aachen from top of the Lousberg. I hope that this golden autumn weather will last at least still for the next two weeks..


  1. Ich fand den Tag wieder cool, war echt interessant so viele StreetStyle zu sehen.
    Und es war widermal schön zeit mit euch zu verbringen, wenn auch etwas weniger mit PrincessTenko^^"

    Und wie du schon geschrieben hast, DANKE an unsere tolle DB......Ihr seit wirklich zu nix zu gebrauchen >o<""""

  2. Your outfit is very cute!!
    I really like Sailor Moon, too (*^O^*)
    I would like to go to a Harajuku Fashion Walk one day ☆

  3. Wow, das war schon der 4. HFW in DD? Krass, die schießen ja quasi auch aus dem Boden wie Pilze. XD Aber ich find's schön. Irgendwann möchte ich mir auch mal einen ansehen. ^^